Molecular and Computational Analysis of Human Phenotype

1st International School on Advanced BioMedicine and BioInformatics
Lipari Island, May 29 - June 5, 2004



The First International School on Advanced BioMedicine and BioInformatics aims at stimulating productive interactions between the still distinct worlds of BioMedicine and BioInformatics, creating a common working ground and contributing to their further integration: this will disclose new research perspectives and allow for an always more incisive exploration and exploitation of Nature. Invited Speakers will give seminars on the topics chosen as School theme and will organize the work of Students with the support of Tutors. The 2004 Course, which addresses PhD Students and junior Researchers who want to get exposed to the forefront of research activity in the field of Molecular and Computational Analysis of Human Phenotype, will be held in the beautiful surroundings of the Island of Lipari.



Prof. Alfredo Ferro, (University of Catania), Co-Chair
Prof. Raffaele Giancarlo, (University of Palermo), Co-Chair
Prof. Michele Purrello, (University of Catania), Co-Chair



Dr. Cinzia Di Pietro, (University of Catania)
Dr. Rosalba Giugno, (University of Catania)
Dr. Alfredo Pulvirenti, (University of Catania)
Dr. Marco Ragusa, (University of Catania)



Prof. A. Califano, Columbia University, New York, USA
“Discovering biological patterns: from protein function to disease risk”

Prof. Carlo M. Croce, Kimmel Cancer Center, Pennsylvania, USA
“From Gene Discovery to Cancer Prevention and Treatment”

Prof. Karl Heinz Grzeschik, Institut fur Allgemeine Huangenetik, Marburg, Germany
“Predictive Medicine: Molecular Markers for Genetic Traits”
“Switchboards for Gene Function: Genetic Search for Regulatory Modules”

Dr. Ka Yee Yeung, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
“Model Based Clustering and Validation Techniques for Gene Expression Data”