Molecular BioMedicine, Medical Genomics and BioInformatics

2nd International School Of Advanced BioMedicine and BioInformatics
Pantelleria Island, June 18, June 25, 2005

The 2005 Course of the International School of Advanced BioMedicine and BioInformatics aims at presenting advanced research in the always more interwined fields of BioMedicine and BioInformatics, and to foster collaborations among Participants. Its main focus will be on the contributions of Genomics, BioInformatics and Biotechnology to Molecular Medicine. Invited Speakers will give seminars on the topics chosen as School themes and will organize the work of Students with the support of Tutors. The 2005 Course, which addresses PhD Students and junior Researchers who want to get exposed to the forefront of research activity in the field of Molecular BioMedicine, Medical Genomics and BioInformatics, will be held in the beautiful surroundings of the Island of Pantelleria.


Directors of the School
M Purrello and A Ferro

Directors of the Course
R Bernardini, N Crimi, C Di Pietro, A Ferro, A Messina, F Purrello, M Purrello, S Stefani, R Vigneri

Scientific Committee
A Agodi, A Apostolico, D Cantone, A Calogero, ML Carnazza, P Castellino, D Condorelli, V Cutello, G D'Agata, G A Danieli, R De Maria, V De Pinto, F Di Raimondo, S Ferrari, G Gallo, R Giancarlo, R Giustolisi, S Guccione, C Guerra, G Li Volsi, T Mattina, C Mazzarino, C Montoneri, F Nicoletti, V Nicoletti, M Panella, L Pavone, R Polosa, G Principato, G Quattrocchi, M A Rabuazzo, S Saccone, S Sanfilippo, M Scalia, G Schiliṛ, A Sciotto, F Sinatra, G Sorge, F Stivala, S Travali, C Vancheri, E Vasquez, M Zappia

D Barbagallo, V Cafiso, G Cantarella, R Giugno, T Luca, A Pulvirenti, S Piro, M Ragusa, M Santagati

Molecular BioMedicine, Molecular Oncology, Medical Genomics, Pharmacogenetics, Medical Biotechnologies, BioInformatics.




I Cascorbi, University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel Germany, UE
“Pharmacogenomics in clinical practice: chances and limitations”
“Toxicogenomics: foreign compound metabolizing enzymes as risk markers of malignant diseases”

P Courvalin, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France, UE
“Combinatorial resistance of bacteria to antibiotics”.
“Regulation of vancomycin resistance gene expression in Enterococcus and Staphylococcus aureus”.

C Croce, Ohio State University, Ohio, USA
“From Gene Discovery to Cancer Prevention and Treatment”

F Dotta, Università di Siena, Italy, UE
“Genetics of Diabetes and its Prevention ”

KH Grzeschik, University of Marburg, Germany, UE
“Genome dynamics and genomic diseases”
“Dissecting limb developmental programs: genetic and genomic approaches”

G Kimmel, Tel Aviv University, Israel
“Computational Problems in SNPs and Haplotypes”

G Myers, University of California, Berkeley, USA
“From Whole Genome Sequencing to Comparative Genomics to Systems Biology”

G Pozzi, Università di Siena, Italy, UE
“Recombinant Vaccines”

D Shasha, New York University, New York, USA
“Biocomputational Puzzles”


Genome Research at the Crossroad Between BioMedicine and BioInformatics