Natural Language Processing

3rd International School for Computer Science Researchers
Acireale, Italy, June 17, 1991 - June 29, 1991

Under the auspices of
A.I.L.A - Associazione Italiana Logica ed Applicazioni

The 3rd School for Computer Science Researchers addresses Ph.D. students and young researchers who want to get exposed to the forefront of research activity in the field of Natural Language Processing.


Computational Semantic
Prof.J. Fenstad, Oslo University
Content:Computational Semantic
Discourse Representation
Prof.H. Kamp, Stuttgart University
Content:Discourse Representation
Knoledge Representation
Prof.R. Parikh, CUNY
Content:Knoledge Representation
Non Classical Logics
Prof.D. Gabbay, Imperial College
Content:Non Classical Logics
Situation Theory
Prof.J. Barwise, Indiana University
Content:Situation Theory
Unification in Natural Languages
Prof.J. Siekmann, Kaiserslautern
Content:Unification in Natural Languages