Architecture Design and Validation Methods

9th International School for Computer Science Researchers
Lipari Island, June 22, 1997 - July 05, 1997

Under the auspices of
A.I.L.A - Associazione Italiana Logica ed Applicazioni
E.A.A.C.S.S - European American Advanced Computer Science Schools consortium
E.A.C.S.L. - European Association for Computer Science Logic

The 9th School for Computer Science Researchers addresses Ph.D. students and young researchers who want to get exposed to the forefront of research activity in the field of Architecture Design and Validation Methods.


High Level Design 1
Prof.Raul Camposano, Synopsys Inc.
Content:High Level Design
High Level Design 2
Prof.Andrew Seawright, Synopsys Inc.
Content:High Level Design
Hw/Sw Co-Design
Prof.Alberto San Giovanni Vincentelli, UC Berkeley
Content:Hw/Sw Co-Design
Layout Design
Prof.Ralph Otten, Delft University
Content:Layout Design
Logic Syntesis and Optimization
Prof.Giovanni De Micheli, Stanford University
Content:Logic Syntesis and Optimization
Machine Assisted Verification
Prof.Hans Eveking, Darmstadt University
Content:Machine Assisted Verification
Validation by abstract state machines
Prof.Egon Borger, Pisa University
Content:Validation by abstract state machines
Validation by Temporal Logic
Prof.Zohar Manna, Stanford University
Content:Validation by Temporal Logic