Distributed Systems and Security

10th International School for Computer Science Researchers
Lipari Island, July 05, 1998 - July 18, 1998

Under the auspices of
A.I.L.A - Associazione Italiana Logica ed Applicazioni
E.A.A.C.S.S - European American Advanced Computer Science Schools consortium

The 10th School for Computer Science Researchers addresses Ph.D. students and young researchers who want to get exposed to the forefront of research activity in the field of Distributed Systems and Security.


Basic Crytographic Primitives 1
Prof.Philip Rogaway, California Devis University
Content:Basic Crytographic Primitives
Basic Crytographic Primitives 2
Prof.Rosario Gennaro, IBM Research Center, Yorktown Heights
Content:Basic Crytographic Primitives
Concurrency in Distribuited Systems
Prof.Maurice Herlihy, Brown University
Content:Concurrency in Distribuited Systems
Distribuited Data Structures
Prof.Yehuda Afek, Tel Aviv University
Content:Distribuited Data Structures
Scalable Distribuited Systems
Prof.Liuba Shrira, Brandeis University and MIT
Content:Scalable Distribuited Systems
Security Evaluation of Cryptosystems
Prof.Adi Shamir, Weizmann Institute
Content:Security Evaluation of Cryptosystems
Zero-Knowledge Protocols 1
Prof.Silvio Micali, MIT
Content:Zero-Knowledge Protocols
Zero-Knowledge Protocols 2
Prof.Alfredo De Santis, Salerno University
Content:Zero-Knowledge Protocols