Algorithmics for Data Mining and Pattern Discovery

15th International School for Computer Science Researchers
Lipari Island, July 13 - July 26, 2003


The Fifteenth International School for Computer Science Researchers addresses Ph.D. students and young researchers who want to get exposed to the forefront of research activity in the field of Algorithmics for Data Mining and Pattern Discovery.

The school will be held in the beautiful surroundings of the Island of Lipari. Participants will be arranged in a comfortable hotel at very special rates. The conference room (in the same hotel) is air - conditioned and equipped with all conference materials. Special areas are reserved to students for the afternoon coursework and study. The island of Lipari can be easily reached from Milazzo, Palermo, Naples, Messina and Reggio Calabria by ferry or hydrofoil (50 minutes from Milazzo).

Two kinds of participants are welcome. Students: Participants who are expected to do afternoon courseworks and take a final exam. Auditors:Participants who are not interested in taking the final exam. Up to 60 students and a limited number of additional auditors will be admitted. Deadline for application is March 31, 2003. Applicants must include a short curriculum vitae and specify two professors whom letters of recommendation will be asked to, if deemed necessary. Applicants will be notified about admission by April 14, 2003. Registration fee is 550 Euro (late registration 650 Euro). The fee covers bus+hydrofoil Catania airport-Lipari-Catania airport, social tour to Salina and dinner on the beach of Vulcano, free bus transportation within Lipari island.

The official language is English.


Prof. Alfredo Ferro, (University of Catania), Co-Chair
Prof. Raffaele Giancarlo, (University of Palermo), Co-Chair



First week
Prof. C. Papadimitriou, University of California, Berkeley
Economic and Game-Theoretic Aspects of Information Systems

Prof. G. Myers, University of California, Berkeley
“Pattern Discovery in the Post Genomic Era”

Prof. A. Broder, IBM Research
“Search and Data Mining in the Internet Age”

Prof. P. Raghavan, Verity and Stanford University
“Authoritative Sources in a Hyperlinked Environment”

Prof. A. Apostolico , Purdue University and University of Padova
“A New Science of Discovery and the Algorithmics of Surprise”

Prof. D. Shasha , New York University
“Activist Data Mining”

Prof. E. Simon , INRIA Rocquencourt
“Data Cleaning”

Second week
Prof. A. Karlin , University of Washington, Seattle
“Spectral Methods in Data Mining”

Prof. M.Crochemore , University Marne La Vallee
“Indexing, Compressing and Searching Texts”

Prof. R. Grossi , University of Pisa
“Large Scale Text Indexing: Data Structures, Algorithmic Design and Engineering”

Prof. E. Ukkonen , University of Helsinki
“Post Genomic Data Mining Discovering Patterns in Genomes, Transcriptomes, and Haplotypes”

Prof. M. F. Sagot , INRIA Rhone-Alpes
“Network Expression Inference”